Henry Cavill interrupts The Witcher chat to remind us he’s a Warhammer geek too

Henry Cavill is best known as either Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher TV series or as Superman in DC movies such as Batman V Superman, but to many fans he’s also known as a massive geek – as illustrated at WitcherCon this week, where Cavill interrupted an interview to drop a nerdy Warhammer 40K reference.

The WitcherCon interview with MTV news correspondent Josh Horowitz mostly covered season two of The Witcher show on Netflix, which got revealed for a December release alongside most of the episode titles and a new trailer. The interview is a proper in-depth chat with Henry Cavill and lasts around 45 minutes, and is well worth a watch as Cavill is amusing throughout.

However, towards the end of the interview, Cavill drops the Witcher stuff and admits that there’s something he’s been “dying to say” about the set photo behind them. Cavill admits he’s been “grinding his teeth” every day on this set because there weren’t any other Warhammer fans around to get the reference he wanted to make.

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