Halo MCC’s mod tools update breaks current mods

The much-anticipated full mod support for Halo: The Master Chief Collection was revealed last weekend and released on June 23rd as part of the game’s Season 7 update – but unfortunately, players are discovering that developer 343 Industries broke many currently available mods in the process.

As usual with modders, if they find a way to access a game the mere lack of tools or official mod support won’t stop them – as evidenced by the 43 pages of Halo: The Master Chief Collection mods already available over at NexusMods.com. These were mostly created before the proper mod tools went live this week, and there are some truly amazing or bizarre creations in there – including a giant, flying, fire-breathing rat.

However, a quick browse of the mods shows that a lot of them are now unplayable thanks to recent Halo MCC updates, especially the Season 7 update with mod tools, ironically. Recently broken mods include a campaign mission where the player controls a Covenant grunt, the ability to spawn AI marines in Firefight mode, and this complete overhaul of Halo Reach to make it more like Halo Infinite.

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