Eidos Montreal is making waves on social media for correctly crediting a trans developer who left part-way through Guardians of the Galaxy‘s production with respect: that’s the correct name, the correct position and a place in the correct area of the credits (not just ‘Additional Thanks’).

As picked up by Eurogamer, the studio has correctly attributed technical level design director Cloe Veilleux with her role – which she was promoted to during production. The company also listed her name correcetly, despite the fact that she only legally changed it ten days before leaving the studio about a year ago whe she transitioned.

“It makes me feel like there was a conscious decision to keep my name in that role, and I do not know who I have to thank for this,” Veilleux told Eurogamer. “I expected little, and was given a lot more recognition. It certainly made me happy to see that.”

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