Early on in Guardians of the Galaxy, you'll face an unfortunate choice (so beware of immediate spoilers): should you sell Groot or Rocket to Lady Hellbender? Both of them encourage you to sell them over the other but either choice leaves a bitter taste. There are minor consequences for selling Groot or Rocket, which I'll detail below.

Should you sell Groot or Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy? 

Selling either Groot or Rocket changes where you can find certain outfits, which you can find in our Guardians of the Galaxy outfit guide here. Otherwise, the choice essentially boils down to whether you want to explore Lady Hellbender's castle or blast your way out Star-Lord style. Either way, you need credits to pay off your debt to Nova Corp, so it's time to choose.

Sell Groot

If you choose to sell Groot, you'll get 10,000 credits for him. If you let Drax negotiate for you, there's a chance you'll get 12,000. Don't worry about not seeing him again, though; there's a stealth sequence later on where you can fight a few enemies and solve a puzzle to get him back.

Sell Rocket

Ultimately, Lady Hellbender doesn't see Rocket as a worthy trade offer. She'll laugh at you which incenses him and then it all goes a bit pear-shaped. You'll end up in a lengthy fight and trapped in a vault with poison gas. Luckily, there's also 12,000 credits in this vault, so remember to pick that up.

The decision is yours, but either way, you'll end up with the money and you won't lose any party members.

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