GTA RP’s latest mischief maker is Wario

You can be anyone you fancy in GTA Online’s roleplaying scene. You can take to the pavements of Los Santos to sniff out the latest scoop as a journalist, or try to keep the peace as a member of the police force. Some people, though, choose to play as more familiar faces. We had a breathtaking rendition of Johnny Silverhand of Cyberpunk 2077 fame earlier in the year (more on that below), but now it’s all about Wario.

Content creator Burn has been strolling about the streets of Los Santos in his best Wario outfit, causing all sorts of hassle. Sometimes he socks other roleplayers in the melon, letting out his signature “wah!”. Other times, he draws the police into what I can only describe as a mashup of street racing and Mario Kart. It’s all silly fun, but it’s watching people react that tickles me. Most roleplayers try to stay in character while being bullied by Mario’s nemesis, though some do get tired and throw some fists back – while staying in character, naturally.

Burn’s Wario has popped up in several places, but you can find a video on his channel that features oodles of shenanigans in one spot. Not only can you see Los Santos’ version of Wario charging around, but you’ve also got heaps of attempts at familiar effects and voice lines. It’s truly an authentic Wario experience.

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