Genshin Impact often tasks you with tracking down rare items in its massive world to complete your objectives, and one of these is the Glaze Lily.

The only clue you get to a Glaze Lily’s location is that they’re often found in Liyue Harbor – but if you hadn’t noticed, that’s one of the biggest cities in the region.

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Glaze Lily is used as a material to ascend character levels, which I personally needed for Ningguang, the Geo type hero.

Here’s where you need to look to find Glaze Lily in Liyue Harbor.

Genshin Impact Glaze Lily | Where to find Glaze Lily in Liyue Harbor

The easiest place to find Glaze Lily in Liyue Harbor is next to the big tree beside the teleport point in the southeast of the port town.

Next to the teleport point, you’ll see the arcane crafting station on the left and the street food vendor on the right.

Turn around all the way to the left and there’s a large tree shading the whole plaza. Around the periphery of the tree, you can find three Glaze Lily, which should be enough for whatever single task you’re hoping to achieve.

As with most spawn points in Genshin Impact, you can return after some time to replenish your stock, but three plants will be enough to upgrade any one character and increase their level cap from 20 to 40.

Across the rest of Liyue, there are plenty of other missions to embark on, like the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest in Guili Plains.

You can also head further out to the west of Liyue with the Share Not Your Treasures quest.

Or if you’d prefer to cash in without lifting a finger, here are the Genshin Impact codes you can enter for free Primogems.

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