Genshin Impact Battle of Revenge is an Inazuma reputation quest with some vague unlock requirements.

Battle of Revenge is tied to a Daily Commission, which means starting it is somewhat random. The quest is also bugged, but here’s how you should be able to start it.

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Genshin Impact Battle of Revenge | How to start Battle of Revenge

Make sure you’ve set your commission preferences to Inazuma so this part is easier. One of the Daily Commissions you might receive in Inazuma is An Art To Be Honed. The soldier Asakura commissions this request, and it’s a simple one.

Follow the quest marker to Asakura, speak with him, then engage in a brief fight. He’s very easy to defeat, so it won’t take long.

Afterwards, he’ll drop some hints about a former incident he was involved in and his desire for revenge. For now, that’s all you can do.

Battle of Revenge is another World Quest with real-world time requirements similar to Tatara Tales. There’s no in-game hint or anything to indicate this, though. The Battle of Revenge World Quest marker will just appear in Inazuma City once time has passed.

Some players reported having to ask “why did you post the commission” to unlock the quest, but it seems the quest is bugged for now.

Whatever dialogue choice you pick, you might not see Battle for Revenge unlock the first go around. Wait for An Art to be Honed to come around again if that happens to you.

Genshin Impact Battle of Revenge | How to start Battle of Revenge

Once the quest marker appears, speak with Asakura again. He tasks you with defeating a Kairagi, so do that, then plunder its camp. Once you’ve found Asakura’s weapon, return it to him. You’ll get 30,000 Mora, 2 Hero’s Wit, 100 Adventure EXP, and 20 Reputation EXP.

There’s plenty more to do in Genshin Impact‘s new region. If you’re looking for more World Quests to tackle, Sakura Arborism and Sacred Sakura Cleansing are two meaty quests with good rewards. Shakkei Pavilion and Formation Estate also have valuable treasures to help power up your party, or you can take a break to gather Naku Weed ahead of Yoimiya‘s upcoming release.

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