Fortnite tractor locations – deliver a tractor to Hayseed’s Farm

Want to know where to pick up a tractor with a tractor beam in Fortnite? This week’s set of epic challenges begins with using a Saucer’s tractor beam to take one of the shiny red tractors and deliver it to Hayseed’s Farm.

You could opt to use the new Fortnite Grab-Itron to pick up the tractor, but let’s face it, it’s far simpler to just pinch a Fortnite UFO and use that to lift up a tractor instead. In fact, there’s even a parked UFO in Corny Complex inside the main barn, so it should be an easy heist. Where things get a little trickier is finding a tractor to lift up. If you stole the UFO from the big red barn in Corny Complex though, you don’t need to go far to find a tractor.

There are nine possible tractor locations in and around Corny Complex. We will show you all of the locations where you can find a tractor to deliver to Hayseed’s Farm – it’s the small farmstead east of Corny Complex – in order to complete the first epic challenge of the week.

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