Fortnite season 7 is here, and what's an alien invasion without some awesome weapons blasting humanity to ash? Thankfully (or maybe tragically), humanity has the capacity to develop its own super weapons, or to just steal the aliens' weapons out from under their nose.

Fortnite's mythic weapons return (sort of) to let players dominate in battle royale. As in other seasons, you'll need to use gold bars to purchase a mythic weapon from a specific NPC.

Season 7 also introduces a number of new weapons that come in different rarities, but can be just as devastating in the hands of a skilled player. These come either from IO, the Imagined Order Jonesy has been working against, or the invading aliens.

Mythic weapon: Doctor Slone's Mythic Pulse Rifle

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Mythic Pulse Rifle is an extra powerful version of the Pulse Rifle you'll find elsewhere. It's fully automatic when not aiming down your sight, and has a slower pace of fire when aimed.

Damage: 38 per shot
Magazine size: 16 shots
Fire rate: 4.2 per second
Reload time: 2.6775 seconds

The Mythic Pulse Rifle is held by Doctor Slone, the new IO character leading the charge against the alien invaders. She's hiding out at Corny Complex. Look for the red barn. Inside, you'll see a large circular metal door in the barn floor. You can't destroy that door, but a nearby staircase will lead you down to the lower levels. You'll find Doctor Slone hanging out in the lobby or nearby, but be careful because she's protected by IO guards. It also seems that she can spawn clones of herself to A) add damage and B) confuse the heck out of you.

Fortnite season 7 alien weapons

(Image credit: Epic Games)

KYMERA RAY GUN: This alien creation fires a continuous beam of energy. Stats depend on which rarity you get, but the short version is that you'll be firing a weapon with a magazine size of 100,000, firing "15" shots of energy per second, dealing somewhere between 9 and 11 points of damage each. You reload by ceasing fire, and it only takes 2.5 seconds to cool off. The only catch is it's not great at destroying structures, making it solely an anti-personnel weapon, or maybe even good for crowd control. Basically, if you hate reloading, you'll love this weapon.

You can usually find the Kymera Ray Gun held by the UFO-driving Trespasser NPCs.

IO weapons

You'll find IO weapons in various loot chests, or potentially a cosmic chest.

(Image credit: Epic Games)


Damage: 85 – 94 (depends on rarity)
Magazine: 1
Fire rate: 1
Reload time: 3 seconds

Functionally a sniper rifle, this IO weapon deals immense damage, if you can connect. Similarly useful for destroying enemy builds from a distance.

(Image credit: Epic Games)


Damage: 98
Magazine: 2
Fire rate: 3
Reload: 3.6 seconds

This grenade launcher not only deals damage, it also highlights nearby enemies and loot chests. This will let you scope out an area before entering if you're worried about getting ambushed.

(Image credit: Epic Games)


Damage: 33 – 36 (depends on rarity)
Magazine: 16
Fire rate: 4.2
Reload time: 2.835

The more widely available version of Doctor Slone's Pulse Rifle. This IO weapon acts the same.

Epic has made it very clear that more mythic weapons, alien weapons, and IO weapons will be added to Fortnite as Season 7 rolls on. So check back here when the game gets updated for the latest news. In the meantime, check out our Fortnite Season 7 guides, including how to fly a UFO, where to find alien artifacts, and more.

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