Fortnite – place alien light communication devices on mountain tops

This week’s Fortnite legendary challenge tasks you with placing alien light communication devices on mountain tops. You’ll need to fit two devices to mountains in order to complete the challenge, so here are all the locations to hit, luckily they’re all quite close, so you should be able to complete this challenge in one game, hopefully.

As aliens have landed in Fortnite, they’ve not just left their artifacts and chests scattered across the map, but they’re also abducting players and taking them to a minigame on-board the mothership for players to access better loot. As well as brand new alien weapons, there are new NPCs dotted around Fortnite, and now a parasite is using chickens as a host.

That’s not all, we’ll need to climb the highest mountain tops in Fortnite to place alien communication devices, which will appear once you reach the correct position. We’re not quite sure what these devices do just yet, but it should tie in to the alien narrative. So here are all the mountain top locations and where to place the devices.

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