Fortnite mothership – where to visit Slurpy Factory

Want to know how to be abducted by the Fortnite mothership? The latest update for the battle royale shooter adds a minigame that can make all the difference in competitive matches. It can be a mad scramble to even participate in the minigame, but should you make it on board, it can give you tons of great loot.

You first need to find the Abductor drone ships, which are much larger than regular UFOs and thankfully are highlighted by UFOs on the map, so it shouldn’t be too hard to locate them. Once you’re sucked in by a beam from the mothership, you’re temporarily placed into a cell before dropping into an arena with other players and either need to survive until the time runs out, or collect five golden vault orbs.

You need to do all this, with a weak plasma gun, so we’ll go over all of the steps you need to take to get abducted by the Fortnite mothership, explain how to play the minigame on-board, and list the potential rewards if successful. If you’re looking for Slurpy Factory to complete the Week 10 legendary challenge, this is the place to find it.

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