Fortnite is getting more graphics

They’re putting more graphics in Fortnite. Epic has announced that a host of new visual features are coming to the PC version of Fortnite with the launch of Chapter 2 Season 7. You won’t notice any differences if you play on low or medium settings, and the recommended and minimum system requirements are staying the same – but if you have a higher-end PC, you can look forward to some new bells and whistles.

As of the 17.00 update, Fortnite will have better storm and cloud effects, better smoke and liquid simulations, improved shadow quality, and better post-processing effects for things like bloom and lens fair. Effects like improved explosions were previously implemented in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of Fortnite, and they’re appearing on PC for the first time here.

These new effects will all slot in under the epic preset in the graphics options. The previous epic settings will replace high, but again, medium and low settings will remain the same.

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