Fortnite alien samples – how to bring them to Corny Complex

Want to know how to bring alien samples to Corny Complex? Week 9’s epic challenges are mostly about using the Fortnite alien weapons, most notably the brand new Grab-itron, recon scanner, and the rail cannon. You also use devices found at IO satellite stations, but by far the trickiest one of this week’s tasks is to bring an alien sample from the satellite station’s antenna to an entrance of Corny Complex.

While this epic challenge is the only one that requires you to find something on the map this week, there are a whole bunch of legendary challenges to complete too – the one where you need to find a detector to disable alien billboards is strikingly similar to this one. Other legendary challenges available include eliminating trespassers, placing a bioscanner in an alien biome, and placing spy probes in specific locations.

As we near the end of the current Fortnite season, completing the epic challenges is as important as the legendary ones for gaining as much experience for the battle pass as possible. If you really want that Fortnite skin of Rick from Rick and Morty, then completing challenges is the fastest way to get it, and we can help by telling you how to complete this task.

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