Former Skyrim mod The Forgotten City is coming to Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is continuing to expand as the best deal in gaming – at least in terms of pure dollars-to-hours-of-entertainment value. We’ve just got details on a load of new games coming to the service in October, in addition to today’s releases of previously-announced Game Pass games including Into the Pit and the PC version of Outriders, we’re getting a load of cool stuff.

On October 21, we’ll get access to Everspace 2, a spaceship combat game that essentially blends Diablo-style loot with Star Wars: Rogue Squadron-style shooting. It’s been looking very impressive, even in Early Access. The same day, we’ll also get the brand-new voxel RPG game, Echo Generation.

Then, October 28 brings us a monster drop of games. The most pleasant surprise here is The Forgotten City, a Skyrim mod turned into a full game, where you’re stuck in a time loop exploring a doomed Roman city. The original version was already beloved, and the standalone release has been getting rave reviews and a spot on quite a few early GotY lists.

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