Football Manager will soon include women’s football

Football Manager 2021 developer Sports Interactive has announced it is currently working on adding women’s football into its complex football management game system. While the developer can’t say when this feature will arrive in the series, studio director Miles Jacobson tells us he feels strongly that it’s “the right thing to do” to help advance women’s football generally.

“It’s not something the company should normally admit to, but we were a part of the problem, and are now determined to fix that, and to force others along the way as well,” Jacobson explains. “Which is one of the reasons why we’re announcing it without a timeline – to say that we’re doing it, it’s partly because we need to throw down that gauntlet to others, to be doing the same.”

Tina Keech, a former player and qualified football coach who is also the former head of research and analysis for Smartodds, is heading up Sports Interactive’s research into women’s football for the project, which will see the women’s sport incorporated into Football Manager rather than spun out as a separate game.

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