Flexispot’s height adjustable gaming desk is up to 23% cheaper, under $250

Choosing the best gaming desk is an integral part of your setup, as the right one will go a long way to help you manage cables and ensure perfect ergonomics alongside the best gaming chair. The Flexispot EC1 is our favourite cheap adjustable gaming desk, and with its current discount, it’s an even better choice.

On Amazon US you’ll find a 23% ($70) discount, with a new price of $229.99, down from its original $299.99 MSRP. Over on Amazon UK there’s a 17% (£50) reduction bringing the desk down to £249.99, compared to its £299.99 list price.

The EC1’s height adjustment is motor-operated, so you don’t need to crank it up like a jack-in-the-box. This allows you to adjust the desk height between 73cm up to 123cm, for a fully standing position. Its sturdy steel design can take a maximum weight of 70kg, which is more than adequate for supporting the best gaming monitor and the best gaming PC. At 120cm in length it’s perfect for a constrained space, too.

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