FFXIV’s Moonfire Faire is back next week with ice cream and polar bears

The annual return of the Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire is upon us, and this year’s summer celebration in one of the best MMOs on PC promises to bring with it tasty snacks, a new quest from regular host Mayaru Moyaru, and a rather large cuddly companion – all of which will kick off next week, August 13.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Moonfire Faire 2021 brings back the annual limited-time summer event for Square Enix’s popular MMO, which adds a new quest to complete, new items to earn, and often some surprises too. Last year’s Moonfire Faire was shark-themed, with summery clothing items and a new emote to earn.

This year’s event is a little different, as there aren’t any unique clothing items to get and there seems to be less shark in general – although there is another large predator waiting instead. The main item on offer here is a horn to summon a big but rather cute Polar Bear mount, with the other rewards being an ice cream treat, corn on the cob, and a mask stall furnishing item.

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