FFXIV The Great Horn Heist walkthrough

The Make it Rain campaign has returned to Final Fantasy XIV – during this event, MGP earnings from the Gold Saucer are increased by 50%, and the prizes you can exchange them for are reduced in price, too.

There’s also a special quest available to play as part of the event, called The Great Horn Heist. The rewards for completing this quest include a new FF14 emote, ‘vexed’, which conjures a frustrated animated scribble above your character’s head when used – useful in a variety of situations, certainly. There’s also a 5,000 bonus MGP card in it for you, so it’s worth your time to complete.

The Great Horn Heist takes place in the Gold Saucer, so you need to unlock this area in order to participate – here’s everything you need to know about The Great Horn Heist, including how to solve the mystery of the stolen horn. The quest involves speaking to several individuals in order to piece together the solution. The Make it Rain season event is only available for a limited time; it runs until August 11, 2021.

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