As part of the Yaran Leader quest to unlock Zenia, Dani needs to find and deface 12 statues in Esperanza in the Far Cry 6 Paint the Town mission. It's less time consuming than you'd expect, but to get through it even faster, I've created this handy guide for you. In the end, you'll be able to recruit Zenia and unlock more rare materials for crafting items.

Far Cry 6: All Paint the Town statue locations

To get started, Esperanza must be available on your map. If you've purchased maps along the way, you should have access to a fast travel location, making this quest even faster to complete. Paint the Town is the third stage of Zenia's Yaran Leader mission, which you can begin in Madraguda. She has +50% Sabotage success and -50% Gasolina requirements for Bandido missions. Now, on to the locations.

Most of the statues are out in the open and there's a good chance you'll get into a fight with Castillo's army. You're looking for tall, bronze-looking statues with a bust at the top. When you approach them, the deface prompt will appear. If you need a visual guide, you can watch the video from PowerPyx above.

far cry 6 map paint the town

(Image credit: Ubisoft)
  •  In the northwest of West Lado in a courtyard. 
  •  In the south of West Lado, near a Castillo billboard. 
  •  In southwest West Lado, in front of a villa. 
  •  To the east of West Lado, at the end of a street. 
  •  In a grassy area to the centre-north of Esperanza near a construction site. 
  •  In southwest Old Pueblo, near the Guerilla hideout. 
  •  In the centre of Old Pueblo, in a park. 
  •  To the north of Old Pueblo, on the west side of the Zina E3 fence. 
  •  On the coastline north of Old Pueblo. 
  •  In a courtyard in Old Pueblo, near a tower of billboards. 
  •  On the coastline to the southeast of Esperanza. 
  •  East of Old Pueblo, on the eastern side of the green park. 

Try to be as stealthy as you can during this mission—bring a companion like Boomer, Oluso or Chorizo as they provide some stealth benefits. Using a silencer would be smart, too.  

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