Fallout 4 modders and fans are paying tribute to Dogmeat’s inspiration, River

If you’re a Fallout 4 fan, you might have heard the very sad news that the real-life inspiration behind virtual pupper Dogmeat recently passed away. Called River, she was a big, gorgeous German Shepherd who not only helped bring Dogmeat’s likeness, animation, and personality to life, but an important part of the dev team behind the post-apocalyptic RPG game. Now, fans and modders are showing their love for River with in-game tributes.

Modder Mangaclub has created a lovely memorial to River in the form of a statue that you can craft at a workbench and place where you’d like in your game. It’s a weathered stone statue, with a German Shepherd – presumably based on Dogmeat’s mesh – sat resting on top of a plinth, as a mourning figure in robes sits beside it. It’s a really touching tribute to the real-world doggo, and you can find it at Nexus Mods here.

Elsewhere on the site, creator Sirucus has uploaded a simple name swap mod that lets you rename Dogmeat to River in case you’d like to honour her in another way. It is an excellent name, after all.

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