Eve’s new tutorial takes players through the basics with an action-packed story

Eve Online is one of the longest-running MMORPGs out there, and that’s despite a reputation for being a game of ‘spreadsheets in space.’ Developer CCP Games has laboured for years to smooth out its notoriously steep learning curve, and a revamped new player experience, which rolled out just before its arrival on the Epic Games Store in September, might be just the thing to keep players around long enough to get hooked.

When you create a new character – or capsuleer – in Eve Online, you have the option to complete the tutorial, which now includes a much more dramatic narrative sequence that helps set up the universe of New Eden and introduces elements of Eve’s daunting UI piece by piece.

“One of the key principles we had was ‘never overwhelm,'” Tryggvi Hjaltason, a senior strategist at CCP, tells us. “We were trying to figure out what’s the main reason players turn from our game early. And the number one reason by far – it’s like 68% or something – is that they’re overwhelmed.”

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