Everyone’s replaying Far Cry games following Far Cry 6’s reveal, just not the original

Just last week Ubisoft gave us our first proper look at Far Cry 6’s gameplay and a lot of new details, such as how players can command a tiny dachshund in a wheelchair to bite an enemy’s scrotum off. Following this big reveal it seems fans are in the mood to play some of the best FPS games around again, as Steam player counts have spiked for all the Far Cry games… with the exception of the original game, it seems.

According to Steam Database, the player counts for all of Ubisoft’s Far Cry titles have seen a significant upturn in players following the Far Cry 6 reveal. Concurrent players for Far Cry 5, for example, have jumped from the previous high last month of 3,786 players to a massive 15,139 yesterday, and it’s only going up.

Far Cry 4, likewise, has gone from around 831 players on Steam to 3,067, and Far Cry 3 went from 706 players to 3,428 almost overnight. The newest non-numbered entry, Far Cry: New Dawn, received a smaller but still noticeable increase from 533 players to 1,661.

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