Everspace 2 is intended to “stand on its own in the space game genre”

Early access space game Everspace 2 has a huge new update out today, which adds a new chapter to its single-player campaign and a brand new star system to explore. In the lengthy post accompanying the update, Everspace 2’s developers explain that they’re not trying to compete with the “juggernauts” of the genre that are meant to look and feel more realistic.

The latest update is called Zharkov: The Vortex, and it takes players to a dangerous new system where you’ll be able to unearth alien secrets, pick up new loot, and even engage in some puzzle solving. Zharkov itself is a swirling vortex that orbits its central star, and in it you’ll find massive cloud formations, electrical storms, and mysterious ‘vertical asteroids.’

Rockfish takes a little time in the update post to address some player concerns over how ‘hardcore’ the game is meant to be. In addition to the puzzles mentioned above, Zharkov will also afford players the opportunity to remote-control an independent maintenance drone through six-degrees-of-freedom mazes found in a lunar mining colony, introducing a more classic Descent-style gameplay.

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