Escape from Tarkov’s new trailer shows off upcoming Streets of Tarkov map, again

It’s already been a full year since Battlestate Games officially revealed Streets of Tarkov, a new urban map in the works for its survival game Escape from Tarkov. At this year’s Summer Game Fest, we got another look at the map, this time in a much more action-packed trailer called Battle for Concordia.

The ‘Concordia’ in question is a large residential apartment complex spread across two buildings, located in downtown Tarkov between Razvedchikov and Kamchatskaya streets. The trailer shows players entering and exploring the complex, with shots of its large underground parking facility, day care centre, and a ground floor shop of some kind, whose shelves have been looted for valuables.

From the video, it looks like there are 11 storeys in one of the buildings, and each one seems to include long hallways with apartments that can be explored and looted – and potentially used as sniper’s nests, of course. It’s a bit like the dormitories in Customs, but on a much, much larger scale. Naturally, things pop off pretty quickly, so it’s a thrilling watch.

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