EPOS, formerly known as Sennheiser Gaming, has released its first USB microphone aimed at gaming streamers, the B20.

Aimed at the more premium end of the market with an RRP of £179 or $199, the B20 boasts “studio broadcast quality” inside of an aluminium frame.

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To try and achieve this claim, the B20 features three internal microphone capsules capable of picking up frequencies between 50Hz and 20KHz as to preserve both the high and low end of the sounds you’re recording.

Like other popular USB microphones, the B20 can switch between four different pickup patterns, including Cardioid for capturing everything in front of the mic, Stereo for a wider range, Bidirectional for recording with another person, and Omnidirectional for capturing a whole room.

As well as PC, the new mic is designed to work with the PS4’s in-built streaming functionality, with a patch to officially support PS5 streaming in the works.

Interestingly, EPOS is also tipping its hat to the style-conscious streamer, saying that the B20 is designed not just for audio quality, but “also look great on stream”.

Additionally, the B20 slots into the pre-existing EPOS Gaming Suite software, where you can adjust the unit’s gain and tone without having to turn the physical dials.

This also allows you to add more features to your sound, such as an extra warm or clear Voice Enhancer, noise cancellation, or set a noise gate to cut out any interfering background intrusions.

“The B20 is ideal for players wishing to elevate the quality of their recording, broadcasting and audio communications”, Maja Sand-Grimnitz, director of global marketing at EPOS, said.

“We pride ourselves on developing products that fully immerse people into games, and we are proud the B20 continues this legacy.”

The microphone is available online from June 1, and you can read our full EPOS B20 review, here.

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