Elite Dangerous finally lets you go ‘o7’ in-game

The latest patch for Elite Dangerous Odyssey is out now, and it’s a hefty one. The space game’s big expansion, which allows you to travel across planetary surfaces on foot and explore bases and orbital stations in first-person, now includes an emote wheel – which allows players to finally salute each other, as they’ve traditionally done by typing ‘o7’ in chat.

Odyssey Update 8’s new emote wheel includes emotes you can select (or assign to hotkeys) for salute, wave, applaud, disagree (thumbs down), agree (thumbs up), point, stop, and advance. Frontier suggests this is a physical way to express yourself in game beyond the traditional crouch-stand-crouch-stand gesture players have been subjecting each other to since time immemorial. The point emote also adds a marker wherever you direct your finger, so it can be helpful in coordinating with fellow commanders.

There are other big new features in this patch as well, including the ability to disembark on and explore Wells-class megaships. These ships now have their own social spaces inside them, which can offer services such as Inter Astra, Apex Interstellar, Pioneer Supplies, Frontline Solutions, or perhaps just a bartender and an escape pod or two.

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