Elden Ring is overwhelming. Once you’re unleashed from the usual FromSoftware introductory zone, you’ll find yourself facing a crippling and unusual question in a Souls game: which direction should I explore now?

FromSoftware’s new RPG drops you in a wide open world with zero overt direction. When you step into Limgrave in The Lands Between for the very first time, your eye will immediately be drawn to several points of intrigue. There’s a rocky beach to your left, a mounted warrior patrolling in front of a looming forest in front of you, ruined shells of buildings to your right, and a swamp complete with a vindictive dragon right behind you, all of which will take a good few minutes to stroll over to.

Who knows what you might uncover in these areas, ripe for exploration? You might find a Point of Grace, Elden Ring’s version of Bonfires which are mercifully plentiful, an NPC that’ll marvel at your discovery of them and ponder what it is exactly that you’re doing here, or a group of armed warriors who’ll converge to kick your teeth in. The point is, all of these areas in Elden Ring’s opening moments – from the ruins, the cove, and the swamp – are immediately accessible and open to you, and it’s up to you where to explore.

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