Eight awesome indie PC games you shouldn’t miss this June

It’s gaming month! I mean, obviously every month is gaming month, but June is especially gamey thanks to E3 and its many satellite events, which promise reveals for everything from 200-hour-long epics that won’t be out for another console generation to the next potential indie surprise hit.

Like pretty much everything else over the past couple of years, E3 isn’t quite the same this year. According to our E3 2021 schedule, there are no fewer than 18 different publisher events scheduled to run this June. That’s a lot to keep up with, so it’s fortunate that the indie scene is still in full swing, providing releases for every genre going so you can switch off from the triple-A parade.

This month we’ve hunted around our inboxes, pored over Steam’s ‘Popular Upcoming’ tag, and played a bunch of demos so we can bring you a shortlist of the month’s finest indie and mid-market offerings. As the triple-A side of the game industry kicks into high gear it seems like the rest of the market is also raising its game – there are loads of exciting games to browse, and a little something for everyone.

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