Startup game developer Mumo Studio – whose founders have resumes that include games like Black Desert Online and Dead to Rights – has announced Dubium, a new five-player social deduction multiplayer game for PC via Steam Early Access in 2022.

Gameplay, as the studio describes it, should sound familiar to Among Us fans: "Players take on the role of Frontier or Traitor and must escape from an abandoned space station by any means necessary. Frontiers will cooperate to repair solar panels that power the escape pod while trying to uncover the identity of the sole Traitor. Players must not relax until they escape; the Traitor will sabotage the Frontiers’ efforts at every step as they try to complete their own mission. The Traitor needs to hide their identity and use deceit and treachery to take the Frontiers out one by one in order to escape the station unopposed."

A key obvious difference between Among Us and Dubium, though, is certainly the presentation. While Among Us has its own cartoony look, Dubium aims for a much higher production value, though its visual style could certainly still be described as cartoony.

Gadgets are upgradeable during matches, a Twitch extension is built-in so as to try and make Dubium a streamer-friendly game, and you can sign up for a future closed beta test on the official website.

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