Diablo 4’s new gear dye system produces some gorgeous styles

There’s plenty to be excited about if you’re into fiddling with your character’s look in Diablo 4. As we’ve reported, character customisation in this entry in the RPG game series is deeper than it’s ever been, but that depth extends to equipment too. The dye system from Diablo 3, which let you change the colour of pieces of equipment, will be making a return in Diablo 4, but this time it’s going to be far more detailed than simply applying a new coat of paint to a piece of equipment.

One of the major innovations in Diablo 4 is a physics-based rendering system. Art director John Mueller explains that this is essentially a set of rules for how an object is displayed in the game – the physical properties of the materials that compose the object determine how it reflects light, for example.

That system allows for a greater level of graphical fidelity that lets Diablo 4’s camera get in closer than ever before, and it’s also being used to determine the kinds of changes you’ll be able to make to pieces of gear. Sure, you can dye fabric, but that wouldn’t work on a piece of metal armour, Mueller says.

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