Diablo 2: Resurrected patch targets character deletion and game crashes

Blizzard Entertainment has pushed out a patch to try and fix Diablo 2: Resurrected’s server and character deletion issues. Community manager PezRadar posted the patch notes to the game’s forum on October 12, before confirming that the update had made its way to PC last night (October 13).

The notes are a tad spartan, but they get the job done. The team has made general improvements to character deletion to “help users from accidentally deleting their characters”. The devs have also made oodles of improvements to stability and performance, like fixing crashes that could occur if you launched the game with no existing setting file on PC, or used the legacy toggle after an extended play session. The update also introduces stability improvements in the effects system and on game shutdown, alongside other minor crash and stability fixes.

Looking at the game’s subreddit, it seems a few people are still reporting incidents of game crashes. One player’s game crashed during the Pandemonium Event after they spent one week grinding for nine keys to open the three portals.

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