Dead Cells is adding new optional features to reduce ragequitting

Dead Cells is about to officially celebrate its third birthday, and the roguelike platformer isn’t done growing yet. The latest alpha adds some new features meant to help ease the difficulty curve for new and lapsed players alike. Oh, and difficulty sticklers can remain calm: these are all entirely optional.

The first new feature is a training room, where you can “hone your skills against all the mobs and bosses you’ve seen,” with the exception of one certain spoilery boss. You can just hop straight in, do some zero-stakes practice fighting, and then head back into a proper run once you’ve warmed up.

Another new feature is called Aspects. These are “extremely strong powers” that will make runs much easier. They’ll allow you to get a feel for new biomes, for example, without having to fight every inch of the way through. The tradeoff here is that while using aspects, you won’t be able to earn the next boss cell if you wind up beating the game. However, you can use aspects to reach new areas and, Motion Twin hopes, discover more of the game – and possibly ragequit less often.

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