Dystopian Diablo-em-up The Ascent has an extra gorgeous setting, a planet called Veles that is 80% burnished gunmetal by weight. (The other 20% is neon.) It's so good-looking that players have been using the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker to take sweet screenshots, but now there's a way to do that without downloading a third-party program. The latest update by developers Neon Giant adds a photo mode, which you can activate by turning it on in the gameplay settings and then pressing P.

Photo mode comes alongside a patch that should improve stability and has a few fixes for audio, collision, and slow-loading in online co-op. The update also includes 10 new weapon skins and two shirts. A separate Halloween Pack DLC is also available for free, which contains a skeleton shirt, a skull face tattoo, and Jack o'Lantern headgear for your gun-toting punk.

Neon Giant has revealed the post-launch roadmap for The Ascent, with two more updates planned for this year. The first will include a much-requested transmogrification feature, while the second will bring side-mission VO and a winter pack, presumably containing festive cosmetics. Next year: a Chongqing pack and another much-requested feature, new game+ mode.

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