Cyberpunk 2077’s best characters aren’t meant to be loved

The bright neon lights of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City twinkle invitingly as you gaze at it from the craggy desert hills of the Badlands, but as you approach it and it begins to surround and swallow you, the lights fade and you find yourself in the grime and sweat below. CD Projekt Red’s sprawling and troubled RPG game may have made its share of missteps – the aggressive marketing campaign and buggy launch perhaps chief among them – but it gets a lot of things right, too.

One area where Cyberpunk 2077 – which you can buy here, coincidentally – really shines is in its cast of characters. The people V meets in the streets of Santo Domingo and the dusty desert trails of the Badlands are complex and layered, often brought to life by masterful vocal performances and animation. In keeping with the finer traditions of the cyberpunk genre, these characters can rarely be understood as being either good or bad – far more often, they’re desperate people trying to navigate a world full of bad options.

Here’s news editor Carrie Talbot and senior news writer Ian Boudreau, talking about Cyberpunk 2077’s dramatis personae – who these people are, and why they’re so appealing… even if they make you hate them sometimes.

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