Crusader Kings 3’s Royal Court expansion will take longer than originally planned

The Crusader Kings III devs have confirmed that upcoming Royal Court expansion – which was announced at PDXCON Remixed back in May – will “take longer than many of us expected” to release.

The delay was confirmed in this week’s dev diary, which goes into more details regarding the grand strategy game’s new artefact items that are being introduced, as well as giving us our first glimpse of the new 3D ‘Throne Room’ area. The Crusader Kings III DLC is still on track for a release “later this year”, the diary confirms.

Reasons for the delay include the unprecedented nature of parts of Royal Court, especially the throne room, as well as recent organisational changes that saw Paradox Development Studios – Paradox Interactive’s primary internal studio for making grand strategy games – split up into three distinct teams. These changes have caused a “negative short-term impact”, but the developers are confident it will make future CKIII expansions that much better: “it’s definitely going to be a solid investment for the future of CK3,” the diary states, “not only for the release of Royal Court, but also our future expansions, and beyond.”

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