Company of Heroes 3 is real, and set in WW2

Relic has been teasing something on its Twitch page since last night, and everyone’s been wondering what the deal is. Is it a new strategy game? Is it another expansion for Company of Heroes 2? As many fans have already speculated, it’s Company of Heroes 3.

A new trailer has just surfaced on the Company of Heroes’ YouTube channel, which confirms that Company of Heroes 3 is indeed real, and it will be keeping the popular tactical RTS game in WW2. We’ll have more to say on this in a short while, but feel free to watch the video for any initial details you can glean. It’s a CGI trailer, so it doesn’t use in-game footage, but the action takes place in what looks like an Italian coastal town, which scans with the image of Italy that’s been on the Twitch channel during the countdown.

The end of the trailer also gives us a brief glimpse at a command tent in what looks like a desert, and a voice on the radio mentions Rommel, who is the iconic nemesis of the allies during the North African campaigns.

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