Civilization fan spends a month making 150 Civ 6 builds in Minecraft

You may remember a few months ago when we spotted a Civilization fan who was remaking Civ VI’s wonders in Minecraft, and it seems the Civilization x Minecraft fan crossovers are not over yet. User Karlusha has stepped up to the plate, making nearly 150 recreations of Civilization VI infrastructure builds on the mini-plots in the popular crafting game.

As far as Minecraft builds go, these are certainly creative. Being able to recreate just one of the strategy game’s 3D models in the game’s blocky visual style is certainly no easy feat, and Karlusha has done 147, with a further nine terrain tiles. They’ve then combined some of them to create more intricate builds of connecting squares, with roads and bridges linking everything together where needed.

Karlusha stated that it took them around a month to complete this set, working on “small portions in spare time”. I guess this is one way to pass the time while we wait for Civilization 7 to turn up. We’re not the only ones showing our appreciation either – plenty of other denizens of the r/civ subreddit have also shared their admiration for Karlusha’s work as well.

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