Chivalry 2 beginner’s guide

Looking for Chivalry 2 tips? Just like its predecessor, Chivalry 2 gives you the full medieval combat experience: knights, siege engines, and a whole lot of gore. As for this multiplayer slasher-game’s historical accuracy… well, don’t be surprised when you see the occasional armless soldier running around on the battlefield. Also, don’t be alarmed by the frequent use of the battlecry key (C on your keyboard, if you were wondering).

You can join the battle as soon as you open Chivalry 2. However, as a new player, you’re probably going to spend most of your time respawning and running back to the frontlines instead of actually fighting. Don’t be too hard on yourself if this happens; Chivalry 2 has a rather complex combat system, so a beginner can’t be expected to dominate the scoreboard right away.

So if you’re new to Chivalry 2 and you want to improve your gameplay, take a look at these Chivalry 2 beginner tips. Understanding the combat basics, choosing the right game mode for practice, and learning some useful strategies will take you a long way!

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