Chill city builder Dorfromantik’s creative mode is now in beta

Dorfromantik is one of the more chill games we’ve played this year, with Jordan calling it a “relaxing blend of Carcassonne and Islanders” that he could “play for hours” in his preview piece. There are plenty of new features on the way, though, with the city builder’s creative mode entering beta, and – oh my – does it look like a good time.

You’re getting a new game with an infinite tile stack, the option to skip unwanted tiles, and a creative mode configuration menu that gives you control of spawn probabilities of different element types. You’re also getting the chance to switch individual biomes on or off in creative mode, alongside the possibility to continue your classic mode session in creative mode after that session is over.

There are other things in the beta branch, too. There’s support for an unlimited amount of save games in both classic and creative mode, one autosave slot for classic and creative mode, and every save slot behaves like an autosave slot as soon as it has been saved once.

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