Cancelled open-world Power Rangers game was “basically” Batman Arkham Rangers

An ex-developer has lifted the lid on a cancelled Power Rangers game from 2016, with a load of details and some excellent artwork. The project would’ve been open-world and co-op, and is described as “basically [Batman] Arkham Rangers” or “Gotham Knights five years before [its] announcement.”

The most notable Power Rangers game in recent years has been fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, which launched in 2019 to moderate acclaim – not to mention becoming the first beat-em-up to have cross-play across four platforms. The cancelled Power Rangers game, nicknamed ‘Project Nomad’ internally, would probably have been released about the same time as Battle for the Grid – or may even have come out around now, since it was only pitched in 2016.

The cancelled title was revealed by Jason Bischoff, who served at Blizzard for eight years before joining Power Rangers license holders Saban in 2016 – even becoming director of the entire Power Rangers brand for a time in 2018, according to their LinkedIn profile.

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