Call of Duty Zombies – Mauer der Toten wonder weapon guide

Want to unlock the new Call of Duty Cold War Zombies wonder weapon in the new Mauer der Toten map? The wonder weapons in Cold War so far have been incredibly powerful, and the CRBR-S (Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard) is no exception. This sci-fi pistol at its base level can deal huge amounts of damage, and you can take things even further by upgrading the weapon.

To upgrade the CRBR-S, all you need to do is kill zombies until one of them drops a Swarm Mod Kit. Once you pick up this item, the pistol transforms into the CRBR-S Seeker, a heat-seeking gun with bullets that automatically track the closest enemy. Upgrading it a second time unlocks the CRBR-S Enlightenment, essentially a laser gun. Finally, the CRBR-S Quintessence gives you a shotgun with an incredibly wide burst range.

The best part about upgrading the CRBR-S is that once your ammo runs out, the weapon downgrades to the previous version, complete with fully stocked ammo. With the amount of upgrade items on the floor, once you pick up the CRBR-S you don’t need to put it down as your ammo constantly replenishes. Here’s how you can unlock the Mauer der Toten wonder weapon in Call of Duty Cold War Zombies.

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