Biomutant patch lets you turn off the narrator

PCGamesN writer tells you that a new Biomutant patch is here. Says it addresses many of the topics the devs mentioned last week, and does a big upsy on the good thing finding. Says that the tutorial is more exciting now, and a toggle for the motion goopies has been added. Most importantly, he says there’s now an option to turn off the narrator’s translation.

…okay, no, I won’t make you read an entire article like that. Biomutant’s narrator is sometimes charming, but generally a bit much. New options in the menu let you hear only the gibberish speech while you read the dialogue, or only hear the narrator with no gibberish, to get the dialogue moving faster. There’s also a bit less gibberish before the narration when you stick with the default option.

Besides the narrator settings, there’s now a slider for motion blur intensity. There’s also been a broad rework for loot so that you’ll get more stuff appropriate to your level, less junk from high-level containers, and fewer random healing items.

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