Best sniper Warzone: what is the best sniper rifle in Warzone?

Want to know what the best sniper rifle is in Warzone? There are plenty of options to pick from in the battle royale game, and now that the Call of Duty Cold War guns have made their way to Warzone, it’s even harder to decide which sniper rifle is worth your time. These weapons will always be worthwhile picks in Warzone thanks to the sheer size of Verdansk, Warzone’s main map.

There are a lot of factors to consider, including which attachments you choose to equip your chosen Warzone sniper with, how confident you are at judging travel time, and what your peeking skills are like. We’ve analysed the lot to give you the definitive answer on which Warzone sniper is best for your playing style.

If you’re curious about how to build these sniper rifles into your Warzone loadout drops or what other Warzone guns you should equip, then check out our dedicated guides on those. You’ll want to pair your sniper rifle with a powerful secondary weapon, such as the Mac-10, the Streetsweeper shotgun, or the best Diamatti loadout.

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