Best SMG Warzone: which submachine gun to use in battle royale

When it comes to picking the best SMG in Warzone, there are so many candidates to pick from since the Cold War guns made their way to the battle royale game. The Warzone mid-season update has disrupted the meta by changing the stats for a number of important attachments. This will likely have large ramifications for SMGs as these changes look like they will be beneficial to this entire category of weapons. Expect this list to see some radical changes over the next few weeks.

The Season 3 nerfs targeted high mobility assault rifles, forcing players to opt for SMGs instead. The main factors you need to consider in Warzone when picking an SMG are mag capacity, DPS, and the amount of time it takes to aim down sights or transition from sprinting to firing.

For the longest time in Warzone, SMGs weren’t very popular as most players favoured assault rifles and the best Warzone guns like the AMAX. If you’re looking for a long-range option to compliment some of your best Warzone loadouts then here’s our guide to the best sniper in Warzone. However, when you reach the final circle or need to cross some close-quarters streets to reach the next zone you’ll be grateful you have the best SMG in Warzone.

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