Best gaming laptop in 2021 – play PC games on the go

While the perfect way to play the best PC games is on a full-sized desktop, sometimes size constraints or a nomadic lifestyle make a gaming laptop a great alternative, ensuring you get PC gaming quality wherever you go.

However, choosing the perfect gaming laptop takes a lot of commitment. When you build a gaming PC you can swap out parts later if you want an upgrade. Because laptops often feature bespoke components and aren’t designged to be tinkered with, it isn’t as simple as picking out the best graphics card and best gaming CPU to suit your personal needs. Not only is there less customisation, but you have to look at other laptop-exclusive requirements, such as battery life, screen size, resolution, build quality, and aftermarket care.

With the recent arrival of Nvidia’s mobile RTX 30 series cards and AMD’s new mobile CPUs and GPUs, the latest gaming laptops are becoming just as good, if not better than the best gaming PC builds. We’ve come up with our picks for the best laptop for gaming in 2021, whether you’re wanting to play triple-a blockbusters like Watch Dogs: Legion, or just want a laptop that can crank up the frames in Fortnite.

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