Best assault rifle Warzone: what is the top AR in battle royale?

It’s tricky to pick the best assault rifle in Warzone as it’s the weapon class with the most options and the most variation between each pick. You’ve got fast-firing, highly mobile Warzone assault rifles like the FFAR 1 and Groza, all the way up to hard-hitting battle rifles like the Cold War AK47 or Oden. And there are even multiple ways to build each assault rifle in Warzone if you want to make the most out of the best Warzone loadouts.

We’ve already broken down the best SMG in Warzone and the best sniper in Warzone, so it’s time to run through arguably the most widely used weapon type in Call of Duty’s battle royale. Warzone Season 3 has drastically changed the meta, introducing nerfs to the game’s best weapons. That being said, these weapons may have lost some power and accuracy, but they can still be used in the right Warzone loadout.

So, which of these Warzone guns is the best in its class? Naturally a huge part of this call comes down to personal preference, but there’s no escaping the fact that some of the assault rifles in Warzone boast far superior DPS stats or better magazine sizes than others. Join us as we rank all of the best assault rifles in Warzone, starting with the pinnacle of the weapon type and working down to the weakest choice.

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