The reveal of the next Battlefield is upon us.

The pre-reveal hype campaign for Battlefield 6 has kicked into high gear. Following a series of cryptic messages, Battlefield’s social channels, as well as those for EA and many personal pages for developers, have been overtaken by a new theme.

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What started out as distorted images of Battlefield’s title treatment, have now evolved into entirely deteriorated images of just splashes of colour. There’s a theme here for self-destructing secret messages, but it’s hard to say without some context.

Battlefield fans also noticed a similar effect has infected Battlefield’s pages on the Xbox and PlayStation dashboards, and some have even tried putting the different letters together in the hopes of unravelling some meaning.

All of this is, of course, leading up to tomorrow’s Battlefield reveal, where we hope to learn more about the game. Not only because we’re excited to see it, but also because things keep leaking.

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