FFXIV is getting bunny boys because artists used their free time making it happen

Back when Final Fantasy XIV’s Shadowbringers expansion released, we got the bunny-like Viera and beast-like Hrothgar as new, playable races. The problem, though, was that the Viera race was locked to female characters, and Hrothgars could only be male. Fans […]

I’m losing my mind at this trailer for open-world Pokémon clone Palworld Using a pokemon as a piece of cover

There are a lot of questions you just don't ask in Pokémon. Questions about what a society would do with creatures that can generate infinite fire and electricity on-demand, monsters that are obviously smarter than your average critter but still […]

Razer sets its sights on saving the seven seas with smart robots Razer's ClearBot smart robot for cleaning the oceans

A couple of months back, Razer surprised us all by announcing its collaboration with The Nurturing Co, to get eco toilet paper brand Bambooloo up and running. It was the first installment in a "$50 million war chest to support […]