Respawn Entertainment is prepped to launch the next big update for Apex Legends soon, titled Apex Legends: Escape, and we were granted access to an early look at all the brand new content coming November 2

There’s been a lot of hype building towards this update, as there’s a huge amount of new content that’ll drastically alter the battle royale as we know it dropping all at once. As such, many Apex Legends players are eager to find out just what’s coming with Apex Legends: Escape. We’ve been granted access to play around with this new update before it hits public servers, and have created a video going over all the changes so you know exactly what to expect.

In our video Dorrani takes us through all the good stuff coming with Apex Legends: Escape. First and foremost we get our first detailed look at Ash’s abilities, the new Legends coming alongside the update. We were only able to speculate about her capabilities before, but now we know for sure everything she brings to the Apex games.

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