Animal Crossing-inspired Cozy Grove now lets you hug the ghost bears

If you’ve been stuck looking for a PC-based answer to Animal Crossing, Cozy Grove is right up your alley. It’s a beautiful little life sim game about arriving on an island haunted by the spirits of lovable bears, all of whom need your help to find peace. Thanks to Cozy Grove’s latest update, now you can give those bears a big hug.

Bear hugs are just one of the many new features added in Cozy Grove version 2.0, even if it’s the most heart-warming. There are a couple new characters on the island now, namely Ms. Carouse, who has shown up to kick off a celebration that’s planned for some time in July, and Darla O’Hare, who will appear on Saturdays to sell consignment clothing. These include wigs that you can keep in your collection, so track down Darla this weekend if you’re interested in jazzing up your hairstyle.

The update also adds critter catching, which means you’ve got a whole island’s worth of bugs to look for and catalogue now. Mr. Kit will sell you a net for all your bug-catching needs, and developer Spry Fox says this bug net (unlike some we could name) won’t ever break. The bug selection will vary depending on the season, so now’s the time to find all the summer species.

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